About me

Hi i am Abi Doroud

In Sweden we have a special profession, which is not otherwise in other countries.Most centrally School Photographer (a photographer who takes pictures at school from kindergarten until the students of the ninth class. Since the 50th century, various media companies helped millions of customers to preserve the best memories in life through photography and image processing.As a school photographer takes his equipment every morning when school starts in the fall and go to different schools all over Sweden and photograph both teachers and students in groups and in portraits.It is very tough and stressful profession sometimes you do not even have time to go to the bathroom, but if one loves his job forgets both eat drink and do other things until the job is finished and everyone has taken their pictures.During those first few months you work hard to photograph the entire length of Sweden schoolchildren. Since becoming calmer until it is time for Ball photography and student in the month of June when the ninth classes ends, to take another step in their future.To photograph people from small cute kids until very old people are fantastic and extremely funny.Think to experience and see all the nice smile if you work as a school photographer for a few years.Simply moment I am such a school photographer.But that does not prevent me to love all kinds of photography and creativity etc.When I am not working as a photographer as it is so sad, I work as a cook and take my camera with me also because it may happen that I cook something delicious.

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